About Us

Welcome to my website: I specialize in Medicare Advantage Plans, Medigap, Prescription Drug Plans, and Dental and Vision plans. I am committed to providing my clients with highly personalized service.


My objective is simple: To help guide you through the Medicare enrollment process and explore your options to provide the coverage you need.


My approach is direct: You will work directly with me. When you call, you won't have to deal with an annoying phone system to reach a real person. You won't have to speak to this person or that person to get your question answered. You call, I answer. It can't get any easier than that!


Why choose me? I am unique in that I am a pharmacist. A key piece of your overall plan will be your prescription drug plan. Drug plans are either stand-alone plans or included in your Advantage plan. You must evaluate the drug plan, even when it's included in an Advantage plan, to be sure it provides you the most coverage. I evaluate plans through the lens of a pharmacist rather than the lens of an insurance agent. I am able to talk about your medications, provide guidance and help find solutions when challenges come up.


I look forward to the possibility of serving you.

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