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Norma Johnson

After being raised in Millport, Alabama, I moved my family to Columbus, Ohio to pursue my dreams. I attended The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, graduating in 2007. I am currently a licensed pharmacist in Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi. After spending 18 years in retail pharmacy, I left to get back to patient care by helping people understand Original Medicare A and B and all their Medicare options.


 Over the years I have seen many people struggle after selecting or being sold a plan that wasn’t the best option for them. It broke my heart when someone couldn’t pick up a medication simply because they couldn’t afford it. My passion is the same as an insurance agent, as it is a pharmacist, to help and serve others


I promise to give you the best of me. I will listen to you. I will answer all of your questions and provide guidance when needed. I will continue to work hand-in-hand with you, year after year, to reevaluate your plan to be sure you are always in a plan that fits your needs.